Our name, EbonyArgento, literally means black silver. We are all about solid metals, textures and patinas!

Integrity of materials and originality of design are very important to us. We celebrate our client, an original thinker, who does not follow the crowd.

Our signature jewelry has either a vintage or completely blackened patina, lovingly applied by hand; thus, each piece has a unique finish.

Every jewel is hand finished to the highest standard, paying attention to the finest detail, thus no two pieces will ever be the same, adding to the exclusivity of each piece of jewelry.

One of a kind pieces often develop organically, without preliminary sketches.

The finished piece is imbued with love, for the material as well as the creation process. Always bearing in mind the joy the piece will bring to the client, plus the comfort and wearability of the jewels.

EbonyArgento is honoured to have exhibited at Milano Jewelry Week 2023, courtesy of Artistar Jewels at Palazzo Bovara, Milano.