If you don't already know your ring size, the best way to ensure the exact fit is to visit a reputable jeweler, who will measure your finger with a ring sizer, not a piece of string, which is a very unreliable method.

We use the British sizing system, which uses alphabetical letters ranging from G to Z for measurements. ​

  • Ladies:
  • X-Small: G, G½, H, H½, I, I½ ​
  • Small: J, J½, K, K½, L, L½ ​
  • Medium: M, M½, N, N½, O, O½ ​
  • Large: P, P½, Q, Q½ ​​
  • X-Large: R, R½, S, S½, T
  • Men:
  • Small: O, O½, P, P½, Q, Q½ ​​
  • Medium: R, R½, S, S½, T, T½ ​​
  • Large: U, U½, V, V½, W, W½ ​​
  • X-Large: X, X½, Y, Y½, Z, Z½ ​

Because we make statement rings, often with wider bands, we do not use half sizes.

If you are unsure about your exact size and find yourself fluctuating between two sizes, for example M and N, choose the larger option.

This also applies when you choose a ring with a wider band.

 To ensure the most accurate sizing, keep these tips in mind: ​

  • Warm up your hands to room temperature before measuring.​ Measure after midday day, after eating, drinking, and movement, as our fingers swell during the day.​ In the morning and when they are cold, your fingers may be smaller.
  • Your finger size fluctuates during the year too. In summer months and during pregnancy, your fingers may swell. 
  • There may be a size difference between your left and right hand, so measure the intended finger on the hand you plan to wear the ring on. ​
  • The perfect fit should not be too tight but should feel comfortable and secure around your finger, and needs to slide over your knuckle comfortably.​

There are also great free downloadable ring sizing apps. If you already have a ring that fits the same finger, you can use the app to measure the inside diameter of your ring.

 The inside diameter of the ring is indicated in millimeters below. ​